March 2015

The hematology department of the Ternopill children’s clinical hospital received:

- Perfusor tubing N, 1.5*2.7, 150cm (9018 908 500) (BBraun)

- Mini Spike Filter (blue) Aspiration cannula (9018 390 000) BBraun

- Cannulas in/v Vasofix Safety PUR G 24, 0.7*19mm, yellow (9018 390 000) (BBraun)

- Catheters in/v Vasofix Braunule G 22, 0.9 x 25 mm, blue (9018 390 000) (BBraun)

- Infusomat Space Black Line (250 cm) (BBraun)

- Perfusion syringes 50ml, with aspiration needle BBraun

- SI 257 Reagent kits for the determination of iron 2x100 (Randox Laboratories Ltd.,)

- Cuvettes No. 500 (Human Gesellschaft fur Biochemica und Diagnostica)

- Rapid response tests for hepatitis (In Tec PRODUCTS. INC)

- TI 10 Kits of reagents for determining the total iron binding capacity

- Sterifix ® Paed 0.2 µm infusion filter (BBraun)

- Filters for bedside use IMURGARD III-RC (Terumo)

- Exadrop Neutropur Dropper regulator with integrated set

- HemoStat reagent kits "Thrombin Time" for measuring thrombonic time (Human Gesellschaft fur Biochemica und Diagnostica)

- HemoStat THROMBOPLASTIN-CІ reagent kits for measuring prothrombotic time (Human Gesellschaft fur Biochemica und Diagnostica)

Gifts for children of the department’s choice: toys, constructors, developing board games, magnetic boards and drawing sets.

Total amount of assistance: 107331,50 UAH