May 2016

Tina Karol Foundation has repeatedly provided assistance to the city of Zhytomyr as part of its mission to purchase the necessary medical equipment and medicines for children's oncology hospitals throughout Ukraine.


- Infusomat Space Standard Line (250 cm) (BBraun)

- Infusomat Space Black Line (250 cm) (BBraun)

- Catheters in/v Vasofix ® Certo G 24x1”, 0.7 x 19mm, yellow (BBraun)

- Catheters in/v Vasofix Braunule G 22, 0.9 x 25 mm, blue(9018 390 000) (BBraun)

- Perfusor tubing N, 1.5*2.7, 150cm(9018 908 500) (BBraun)

- Discofixes C-3 Blue (9018 908 500) (BBraun)

- Sterifix ® Paed 0.2 µm infusion filter (BBraun)

- Bone marrow aspiration needles SELECTIVE ST:

15G (1.8mm) length (05-30)mm (Zamar S.r.l.)

15G(1.8mm) length (22-47)mm (Zamar S.r.l.)

16G(1.6mm) length (35-60)73mm (Zamar S.r.l.)

18G(1.27mm) length (22-47)mm (Zamar S.r.l.)

- Needles for bone marrow biopsy:

8Gx100 mm length CORTEX BP 08-10 (Zamar S.r.l.)

9Gx100 mm length CORTEX BP 09-10 (Zamar S.r.l.)

- Syringes of 50 ml 3 / comp., Luer-Lock (9018 311 000) (ALEXPHARM)

Gifts for children of the department’s choice: books, drawing supplies, albums, games.

Total amount of assistance: 33516,00 UAH