July 2015

The hematology department of the Khmelnytskyi regionall children’s hospital received:

- Devices for chemotherapy Infusomat fmS volumetric infusion pump BBraun

- Infusomat Space Standard Line (250 cm) (BBraun)

- Infusomat Space Black Line (250 cm) (BBraun)

- Perfusor tubing N, 1.5*2.7, 150cm (9018 908 500) (BBraun)

- Perfusion syringes 50ml, with aspiration needle BBraun

- Bone marrow aspiration needles SELECTIVE ST 14-30

Gifts for children of the department’s choice: children's books, board games, puzzles, drawing kits, coloring books.

Total amount of assistance: 97916,00 UAH