April 2015

The hematology department of the Chernivtsi national children’s hospital received:

- Systems for chemotherapy Infusomat Space Standard Line (250cm) (BBraun)

- Systems for chemotherapy Infusomat Space Black Line (250cm) (BBraun)

- Reagents and control materials for hematological analyses

- Diluent solution ERBA Diluent-Diff (Erba-Lachema, Czech Republic)

- Lysing solution ERBA Lyse-Diff (Erba-Lachema, Czech Republic)

- Cleansing solution ERBA Cleaner (Erba-Lachema, Czech Republic)

- Bio-Gel System PT Reagent (Bio-Ksel)

- Bio-Gel Eco Normal Reagent (Bio-Ksel)

- Bio-Gel System Calibrator Reagent (Bio-Ksel)

- Bio-Gel Eco TT Reagent (Bio-Ksel)

- Pair of 12 Extend N (2.5ml) (STRECK, USA)

- Bio-Gel System ART Reagent (Bio-Ksel)

- 2000 tubes for blood sampling EDTA 200 ml (11x40 mm), EDTA (KABE LABORTECHNIK GmbH, Germany)

Gifts for children of the department’s choice: board games, puzzles, coloring books, albums, pencils, markers.

Total amount of assistance: 77739,50 UAH