About the foundation

The Tina Karol Foundation «The Pole of Attraction» is a charity initiative of the singer, which aims to help children oncology departments of city and regional hospitals in all cities of Ukraine.

Assistance is provided directly to the oncology department of the hospital in purchasing and providing the necessary equipment or medicines.

The list of cities is constantly expanding. Each new city that will be assisted and is currently awaiting the foundation's mission will be listed on the page of the foundation on the singer's website.

The list of assistance already provided is also being complemented and updated.

The Charitable Foundation «The Pole of Attraction» is not a fundraising organization and operates solely through funding from the singer herself: Tina Karol donates funds to the Foundation from solo concerts in the music halls.

Tina Karol says:

“There is only one and the most important motivation in my idea to create such a Foundation - it is care. Having experienced this, I understand how lonely parents and children who suffer from this terrible plague of the 21st century feel. I want to bring a little joy, warmth and care to their lives. The overriding goal of my initiative is to inspire people to do good deeds."

The Tina Karol Charity Foundation «The Pole of Attraction» was founded on June 1, 2014 on Children's Day.

* Contact us: fund@tinakarol.com

Thanks to “Sport & Fun” company for their help in implementing the mission of the foundation.